Colombia Jan 2016

“Curious Pilots Flying Out There Places”

Colombia is the new paragliding Mecca

Pilots have begun flooding into Colombia in the last few years and all return with news of the incredible flying and the wonderfully friendly people. Now that the political situation is on the upswing with improvements every year, Colombia has become safer than ever to visit.

Phil and I have been talking about taking a tour to South America for years. Phil has travelled extensively in Central America while I toured South America for several months and even visited Colombia in the bad old Pablo Escobar days. The Colombians couldn’t do enough for us even back then. One of our friends in the German paragliding woman’s team Bella Messenger wrote to me recently and said this.” lovely soft beautiful ridge and flats flying. what really makes Colombia special are the people. The nicest people in the world!”

We plan to run our first tour in Colombia in Jan 2016.

The actual dates of our tour are from the 10th Jan until the 23 Jan 2016.

We plan to fly at a few of the best flying sites in the vicinity of Medellin for a few days but plan to concentrate our flying largely in the Bucaramanga area which lies in the North West of Colombia.

The sites in Bucaramanga are well established and we have good connections there. With our hostel right on launch it is only a few steps into early morning thermals or lazy afternoon ridge soaring. Take off and top landing are spectacular.

We certainly look forward to inviting pilots who have shared tours with us to other parts of the world before but we also look forward to some new faces. With  some of the most user friendly flying on the planet, joining us in Colombia in Jan 2016 will be a treat for us all. We both look forward to flying with you there.

If you are interested in joining us for the 2016 Colombia tour, Phil and I are happy to try and answer questions. Please feel free to contact us at for Phil and for Craig.

The tour begins from the city of Medellin. We will select the best flying sites to fly and then move on up to Bucaramanga for the remainder of the tour. We plan to stay reasonably flexible in Colombia so we do not wish to create a fixed itinerary. In this way we have the scope to take advantage of the best weather conditions for group flying.


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